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Today is Tomas's special day. A day that has come way too fast. To be honest, the first 8 months seemed like a blur because of the lack of sleep, but it's all been worth it. Everything we go through with our kids is worth it.
I didn't think I wanted another child. I wondered how I could love another child as much as Vitaly. But then my mind changed and we really wanted a second. About 2 years go by and we kind of gave up because I hadn't gotten pregnant and we just figured we were only meant to be blessed with one child.
Out the blue... positive pregnancy test! We were really excited. I had "morning sickness" pretty much all day and I had to leave my outside job because of the heat and of me gagging and feeling sick the whole time. I felt sick the majority of my pregnancy.
It was mothers day, I was about 9-11 weeks and we rush to the hospital. I was devastated because I had signs of having a miscarriage. Got checked out and was told that I had a subchronic hemorrhage, which is a pocket of blood in the placenta. I was in a lot of pain and scared but they said this kind of thing is common but there was no garuntee that I might not loose the baby. So they put me on bed rest until my next ultrasound. From that point on I just felt like something was wrong and that he might not make it. DorrisWedding country rustic collections for wedding made of lace
Next ultrasound showed all the blood had drained and he was fine. A little later on we had an anatomy scan done and it showed he had a good amount of fluid in his kidneys. They told us the risks for that and said they would check again at about 30 weeks. Another scan showed there wasn't an abnormal amount and he should be fine.
Finally, my water broke almost 39 weeks and on December 1st 2016, I had another beautiful healthy 8 lb baby boy.
We couldn't wait to take him home and be a family of four. Vitaly just loved him!
Unfortunately a few days after we brought him home we noticed the yellow tint in his skin just kept getting worse. His eyes were even yellow and he just wasn't staying awake to feed for long enough.
Took him to the doctor and they didn't test him and said "well the computer isn't working so I'm assuming they wouldn't release him from the hospital if his bilirubin count was high."
We brought him back in the next day and told them they needed to test him. Sure enough his bilirubin count was 21 and they ordered an at home light bed that he had to stay in pretty much 24/7 for a few days. We had to bring him in to the doctor every day (for I think 4 days) to be tested and finally his levels were low enough to stop the light bed and eventually his skin lost the yellow tint and I could finally hold and cuddle my newborn.
My pregnancy was very emotional for me and even after he was born him having to be in that light bed really took a toll on me. No it's not the worst things that could have happenned and yes I now have a healthy perfect baby but at the time I was scared to death and an emotional wreck. I can't believe how much this little baby has grown and changed.

Tomas has such a personality. He's definitely the "baby" of the family and is ROTTEN haha
He loves his big brother. He is in a stage where he wants to hug anything soft. Toys, blankets..... cats haha
He still loves food and his all time favorite food is ribs. He is slowly attempting to take steps. He just starts laughing and gets so excited when he tries that he falls back down and it's the cutest thing.
And *thank you jesus* he is finally sleeping better at night. He has gotten to where he usually sleeps the whole night without waking up. Sometimes he still will only take one nap during the day but about 6 months ago he was only taking 30 mins naps so I'm grateful lol
I can't wait to see how he changes in the next year and what things he will like and be interested in.
I do want to add a special thank you to Vitaly....
He became a big brother at 5 and has taken it very well. In those newborn days where Tomas had gas and reflux issues and he cried most of the day and Vitaly just ignored it. Tomas woke up often at night and Vitaly always slept right through it. Now that Tomas is finally getting older he can really play with Vitaly. I just hope when they get older that even though they are 5 years apart that they become best buds and know they always have each other.

Happy 1st birthday Tomas, we love you!