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To be fair. Duterte is only one man. He can do his best to fix this country but ultimately its in each and everyone of us to will it to happen. From the words of the late JFK, 'Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country'. This is what's funny. He didn't do all the negative things that's happening to you so why point all the fingers to him? Have you thought lately that perchance some of it are caused by YOU? Seems a lot are barking lately abo ... ut the killings but it was there all along. Throughout the years of your existence even before he sat in that seat. How many innocent people have fallen due to whims of the flesh? Rape, hold-up, kidnap, you freaking name it and theres a body. A person like you and me. Productive and civil. Today, criminals are dying on the streets and you still cry foul? The SAME criminals who kill for their own selfish reasons like BEASTS. You cry humanity, human rights when they themselves don't act human at all. You cry stop martial law when your sovereign has been provoked by terrorists. Really? What's next then? THINK ABOUT THIS. A country is a home. Criminals are pests. Terrorists are house intruders. What will your FATHER do? What will YOU do? DorrisWedding crop top cocktail gowns

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