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Samma: "Close your eyes for a second."
Liadi: "Why?"
S: "Just do it!"
L: *closes her eyes*
S: "Now, concentrate on your heartbeat."
L: *takes a deep breath and concentrates*
S: "You can feel it in your head, right? The brief expansion and contraction of blood vessels?"
L: *after a deep breath and moment of concentration* "Yeah."
S: "Now, imagine that, instead of a heartbeat, you have a dozen sirens going off inside your head all the time..."
L: *winces slightly*
S: "...sirens of different pitch, going off discordantly and out of sync with one another. Now, place your hand against your cheek."
L: "W-why?"
S: "Just do it."
L: *does so*
S: "For someone like you, it feels kind of nice, right?"
L: *nods*
S: "Now put yourself in my shoes... Imagine the sensation of your skin softly pressed against yourself is, instead, another siren going off inside your head, this one competing with the others to be the loudest." DorrisWedding garments for bridesmaid in color aqua blue
L: *thinks about it*
S: "Imagine that for every source of sensory input your brain is wired to process, then increase the volume of every siren to the point where that's all you can focus on."
L: *opens her eyes, wears a look of slight shock*
S: "That is what it's like for me."

Is this an appropriate analogy for people with severe senory issues?