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Happy New Year Potterheads!

Many of you know this already, but if you're a magical person, The DEN is a MACUSA-designated 'Magical Safe House', and if you're a muggle, who's a Magical-Ally, you'll simply love The DEN!

Don't forget, Burns Night is every year on January 25th, so if you wish to attend, please get your tickets at and see Burns Night Supper 2018 .

This post is chiefly intended for the guests attending HARRY POTTER FIRST Trivia Night, benefiting LUMOS , which is this Friday (5th January).

The DEN first opened its doors on January 4th 2017, and we held out first ever trivia night on January 6th 2017. It was before we made most of the enhancements in our space, including special features and lighting. Because it was such a wonderful event that day, we at The DEN decided to always hold a HARRY POTTER FIRST trivia night on the first Friday of the year, and although most trivia night seats are $21 each, we always want to keep this one inexpensive, not least because everyone's run out of money after the holidays!

Harry Potter First is therefore a no-bells-and-whistles, low-maintenance trivia night, dedicated to those true Potterheads who have the best imaginations and are willing to overlook event mistakes (except in the trivia answers of course - that would be unacceptable).

So there you are: it's cheap and it'll be terribly organized, but you'll probably still love it! And if you don't love it, get over it - it's for charity. We do have violins.

Here are some reminders for all Trivia Nights at The DEN:

PLEASE SHARE THESE ANNOUNCEMENTS with every other person on your team. In the past, this has occasionally been overlooked by the 'ticket purchaser', so it left a few people uninformed as if they’d been the victims of the Confundus Charm. Maybe they had been...

DO COME IN CHARACTER (whether it's for a Trivia Night or for the Yule Balls): it may be your only chance all year to be Voldemort, Hagrid, Dumbledore or Dobby. Plus, you may win the Costume Competition. Unfortunately, if you’re a magical person ‘dressing up’ as a muggle, that may not be a big favorite for our judges. It's also a great opportunity to take all those photos in some of The DEN's backdrops and settings, such as the Slug Club Dining Room, Professor Umbridge's office and Professor Trelawney's divination room, the Quidditch Pitch, the Pensieve, The DEN's very own Goblets Of Fire, and more...The 2018 Yule Ball Committee has decided to award TWO Costume Contest Winners a Yule Ball ticket (for New Year's Eve) at HARRY POTTER FIRST TRIVIA on 1/5/2018: best male and best female. DorrisWedding wedding item online store with affordable price

CHILDREN ARE WELCOME: but they risk being disapparated if they disrupt the Trivia Questions.

COME EARLY: DOORS OPEN AT 6PM. TRIVIA STARTS AT 7PM. Decorate your table, Meet your team-mates. Meet other Potterheads, both Magical and Muggles alike - they’re all pretty cool people. Visit the classrooms. Organize your food and drink. The DEN Doors Open at 6pm and you are very welcome to go straight to your table, shoot some pool, play Bocce Ball or fly your broomstick around St. Louis's amazing Room Of Requirement (also known as The DEN).

DECORATE YOUR TABLE: The DEN Team, the volunteers and the Emcee will be judging the amazingly decorative work on your table all evening, and the winners will be announced probably by Round 9 or so. The tables are all circular and 6 feet in diameter and the tablecloths are 'Death Eater Black' in color. And yes, if you’d like to hold your wedding or birthday party here, all tablecloth colors and banners can be adjusted at the flick of a wand. We also have silver tablecloths lying around somewhere.

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD & DRINK IF YOU LIKE: Whether it's your homemade pumpkin pasties or Hog's Head Garage Brew, you're more than welcome to bring your own stuff. Please don't bring electric things that need to be plugged in however. No open flames in your cauldron either (the whole place is sprinklered). You can also ask Howard at the DEN Front Desk to receive your pizza delivery but you'll need to provide him with cash, or let him know who and what is coming, and he'll direct them to your table. If you do order delivery, please also tell them your Table Number, e.g. Table 9 and three-quarters, The DEN, 711 North 13th Street (behind the muggle gas station).

THERE IS FREE WIFI FOR YOU TO USE: Just sign up when you arrive using the DEN Guest network: DEN WiFi Of Requirement, and the password is LUMOS. It's super-fast, and we hope expect you'll use it to post pictures on social media while you're at the event this evening, as well as check-in on Facebook and so on. (Our DEN Professors have indicated the awarding of extra House Points for people any wizards or witches who promote The DEN on social media. If you haven't already done so, please LIKE and FOLLOW The DEN's Facebook page The DEN ).

THERE IS A CONCESSION STAND: Here you can purchase a variety of sodas, cookies and stuff for just $1 each. You can also buy raffle tickets, 'OLD BUT NOT SWEATY' T-shirts ($15 each, and all profits go to the charity we were supporting at that event) and other goodies here.

BRING CASH: For the above donations, raffle tickets, and any other business that may go on. Curtis Filch is our emcee for the evening, and might do a Heads & Tails thing, so you should all have at least a dollar bill each. There will be a special discount code if you purchase 2018 Yule Ball tickets at the actual DEN Event. We have Two Big Goblets of Fire for you to throw in your special Yule Ball entry (available for purchase at the gift shop) for a weekly drawing (if you win, and you already have a Yule Ball ticket, then the price of your ticket will be refunded); all entries will remain in the Goblets Of Fire.

Remember, all profits from Harry Potter First are sent to LUMOS.

THERE IS PLENTY OF PUBLIC PARKING NEARBY: Please see The DEN's website ( ) for a map at the bottom of the page (We don't have our special Hufflepuff Broom Valet Team for this event - they're still recovering from Sunday night's Yule Ball).

TEAMS: If you purchased a table for 10, you can actually ask us for 1 or 2 more chairs if you like, at no extra charge, but be warned, it'll be a tighter squeeze. Some people don't mind! Let us know as soon as possible if you need an extra chair or two at your table. Let us know by Thursday (the before) if you have a need for 1 or 2 extra chairs if you purchased a full table.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR TEAM KNOWS YOUR NAME (the Team Leader), i.e., the person whose name the tickets are in: When they first arrive, they'll either state the Team Leader's name, or the Team Name (if you have one) or preferably, both. That way, we can check them and their number off his list and let them pass.

THE QUESTIONS MAY NOT BE EASY: If you find they're impossible then please go enjoy other things that are available at The DEN (chess, scrabble, shuffleboard, pool, Bocce Quidditch, golf, or just go explore). If you find them too easy, then we apologize in advance, and we'll keep on working on making them tougher! St. Louisans really do know their Harry Potter, so we are going to great lengths to put in some tough ones.

The goal is to have a blast, maybe learn something, hang out with people you like, maybe meet some new people, and raise a few bucks for charity. That's The DEN in a nutshell.

Please email [email protected] or call if you have any questions before you arrive.

There will be a similar email to this one being sent out the day before and/or the morning of every DEN Event, just to catch all those folks who buy their tickets after this email is sent out.

We (The entire DEN Team) are all really looking forward to these events!!! Everyone has a lot of fun and it's great to be surrounded by cool people.

See you this Friday evening!

Sonny & The DEN Team

PS If you haven't bought your table yet, it's $5/ticket or $50/table which can seat 10 to 12) and they're at