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beige or ivory color wears to a prom

I was just called a squatter on here Missy Merton, who I used to work for at Godfathers pizza in Albert Lea, off a post I shared from someone mutual we know. I responded and then it gets deleted. Well I do squat to pee and I have not seen or talked to this woman in months. She is blocked on my old acct and I forgot to block her on this one. She was one of the worst managers I ever had who treated her employees like shit. Missy you should watch what you say on fb, I learned it can bite you in the ass. I am not native American either and that word is offensive and I could call you Donald Trump or say alot of other truthful things that happen in your own house. I am not going to though because God my back as well as my father, who is your children's grandfather. You should worry about your own problems with your kids instead of acting like a kid and calling names. That's something I did as a kid. WAIT YOU MARRY KIDS I forgot and condone illegal activity in your own home and snitch on innocent people who care about human lives. Advice to you is to grow up and not let a boy hold onto your money because you give it away for your kids to support their drug addictions and that is wrong as a parent but WAIT you think they are cute as babies and then you ignore them and hang with boys beige or ivory color wears to a prom