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chiffon prom dresses

CALL FOR DRESSES. I am a part of several speaking and workshop events happening this spring which will focus on empowering 12-16 year old girls with self confidence and worth through classic imagery! If you have dresses you would like to donate or allow me to purchase inexpensively for this project, I would be so grateful. chiffon prom dresses

WHAT I'M NEEDING: I'm looking for romantic, feminine dresses that flow with materials such as tule and/or chiffon—like wedding and vintage. Lace is good too. Please PM me if you have anything. I'm constantly searching at Goodwill and Abilities, but most of those dresses are for prom and pageants.

THANK YOU in advance for any help or guidance. This project is very, very important to me. Making girls feel—not just beautiful, but CONFIDENT, WORTHY and VALUED! It is the core of how I shoot and I believe it's imperative to bring awareness to it at these speaking and workshop events. —Kim