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evening gowns

We've had a few questions come in about the new Ms. Runway and Men's Street Wear divisions; mainly about the look/shape of the gowns and jeans, and the judging criteria. So, the following post should clarify some of those :)

Ms. Runway: (check comments for more pictures)
- open to every body type (Figure, Fitness, Bikini)
- image is about looking fit and healthy in a glamorous dress
- while this division requires a nice shape, it also includes other factors such as poise, confidence, stage craft, glamour, the dress, and having a sense of fun are all vital
- judged on: poise, body shape in the gown, beauty and personality and of course how the competitor modeled the gown! (most important criteria)
- NOTE: the body is covered to a degree, however, there are many ladies out there that make amazing transformations with their bodies, but do not yet feel toned enough (especially through the tummy, thighs, and glutes which are stubborn areas for many) to get results, whereas their upper body, shoulders, back, arms are shaping up beautifully. This is the PERFECT category if this is where you're at: really want to get up on that stage, but not happy with your lower body to be up there confidentially on the stage. Even those of you that want to get extra stage experience, you may be in your "off season" once again Perfect for the experience alone. evening gowns :)

Men's Street Wear: (check comments for more pictures)
- open to every body type (Fitness, Physique, Bodybuilding)
- image is about looking fit and healthy in a pair of jeans
- posing is similar to Men's Fitness division (no mandatory muscular poses)
- judged on: confidence, body shape, personality, and how the competitor modeled the jeans!
- NOTE: this is supposed to be a fun division and open to every male body-type!! Just because you're NOT the biggest or the leanest (usually the winning characteristics in other divisions), you can still win based on your POSING and PERSONALITY!! :)

PERSONAL NOTE: As both of these divisions are held at the Glamour Night (4th May) - the day before regular divisions (Bikini, Fitness, Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding etc) - I highly recommend competing in one of these divisions in order to shake off the pre-comp jitters!! Especially if this is your first time competing!

If you need any more info on any of these divisions, don't hesitate to PM me or drop a comment below...