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evening party gowns look elegant

January 2018

yellow teeth and scabs from kitty cat claws
remember, the deuce is wild, and unbidden
(mosquito net suntan, the caves are mysterious
and cold, even in September)
and deodorant stains on the straps of a little
black dress, the Oscar parties notable for the cheap suits
and bad taste in dates, temporarily reneging
on the jetstream, and tsunami threats from the island of Japan
nuclear ambitions of Internet infrastructure employees
and the forgotten matrix of crystalized water as
memory of emotive words and music, pictures of
Hitler (a cancerous blob), a recursive instance of deja vu in
the library stacks, indexes and bibliographies on parade for
the scholars and Library Asociation members
the introduction weak, the wrong person
included first ( ), WORK an acronym descending in a gyre evening party gowns look elegant
into infinity, but what we find entertaining is the
wit of the lower-classes, learned from
Def Comedy Jam and John Belushi movies
the Volkswagen Golf still 5k dollars used, and having been
wrecked in horrible accidents, a family of Mexicans
bought it outright, or meth in the coffee, eating
away at teeth