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# HijabGate
This lady, Firdaus Amasa from what I learnt lately is set to champion some revolution in the legal profession as regards dressing.
It worries me that some persons, organizations are actually referring to her not-being-called-to-bar as molestation, forgetting that she is not the first Muslim to be called to bar. She was not molested, she was just trying to gain cheap publicity, she doesn't need any apology, rather she needs to face a panel for not abiding to rules (my take on the issue).
My biggest problem is that our 'latent' NBA President conveniently cited the admission of his daughter into the New York Bar with her hijab on but was not sincere enough to point out the difference between the American Legal System and the Nigerian Legal System in material respects - wigs and gowns are not part of the American system, therefore, the issue of his daughter wearing hijab does not arise, U.S.A. has a totally different mode of admission into their Bars, etc. Maybe he wanted to inform Nigerians that his daughter schools abroad (no faith in Nigerian education). He didn't apply wisdom in responding to the issue. green evening party selections
I even heard that several Muslim leaders present in I.C.C. Abuja including Justice Adoke (Fmr CJN) pleaded with her to take the veil off yet she refused.

Nigeria is a secular state, the legal profession has its rules, what I shared above is my take, what's yours? Let's get educated. Pls let's be civil, it's not about religion but about Nigeria