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holiday outdoor wears for cocktail party

Friends and family:
I have been trying to become healthy for some time now, and have been eating very carefully since my gallbladder surgery in August. My liver enzymes were dangerously high and my A1C (blood glucose) was borderline-diabetic. As diabetes runs in my family, I decided I would eat very healthy and try to lose weight. I lost 20 lbs, but unfortunately, I plateaued, and have been exhausted 100% of the time. I sleep finally, after years of insomnia, but I wake as tired as when I went to sleep. holiday outdoor wears for cocktail party

This week, I decided to try a 7-day Plexus challenge, because a friend has had great results and has a similar health background.

I didn't notice any difference the first three days, but at the end of this week, I find I have energy, I want to move and be active, and I am happier. I have lost a couple pounds, but I feel like I look better. I decided to continue with Plexus, to try to achieve my wellness goals.

I invite you to try Plexus, also. It is about more than just weight loss, but includes gut health -- a key factor in mental health and immunity. It is about using natural products to be healthy and stabilize blood glucose and hormones.

The flagship product is Slim, also known as the 'pink drink'. You mix one single-serve packet with 20 oz water once a day. It tastes amazing, like watermelon and raspberry! I am also trying Accelerate, which is a one capsule per day boost to metabolism.

This is a long-term lifestyle change. It is a journey to wellness. If you are interested in changing your health and your life, pm me or visit my Plexus office. I will do my best to help you!