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From another post: Cooperation is the key to learning on the part of players. Once players cooperate with the coach a learning environment is created and the fight or flight response from players being pushed by coaches is removed. Then the players will start to THINK and ASK questions. Then progress can be made.

It is important that players have a high emotional intelligence. Otherwise everything that goes wrong in practice and in games will defocus the player.

I have seen superstars that do not fight and have full dilated eyes before big matches. The input channel to their brains shut down. They will never become big game players until they learn to not shut down before big games. Because when a player shuts down they cannot communicate with the team and they cannot think. Once they stop thinking then they revert to their habitual play and run the ball selfishly until they lose it when the other team gang tackles them.

The players that fight become defocused and distract the other team. These two behaviors are not desirable in a team environment.

The fighter needs to be redirected to focusing on objectives such as scoring goals instead of focusing incidents on the field or bad calls by the ref or a bad play by their teammates. The job of the coach is to refocus the player that is irritated. Pull them off of the field. Get them focused on the mini goal int he next time period of the game according to the phases of the game plan. This requires that the coach also has a high EQ in order to maintain the presence of mind during tight matches to understand what is happening on the field and in the game over all in order to respond with the correct decisions during the game. Coaches need to be master psychologists and need to be able to manage the pressure. lace a line wedding dress

If someone has a solution for players that have fully dilated eyes before big matches and have completely tuned out message me. I sure don't.