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Very Exciting News.

HIV is a very interesting virus that comes from a sub type of viruses called retro virus. The name retro virus refers to how virus relocates. A virus is simply a genetic carrier of dna or rna contained inside a protein envolope with the sole purpose to infect a cell to hijack it cellular machinery to replicate its self.

Most viruses, DNA is transcribed into RNA, and then RNA is translated into protein inside a host cell which is then use to replocate its self. However, retroviruses function differently backwoods infact. In HIV case a single strand of RNA is reverse transcribed by proteins it injects into a host cell into DNA, which is integrated into the host cell's genome by integrase proteins effectively hacking its self to become part of a cells genetic code were it later can later use cellular machinery to replocate its self once its been expressed. maid of honor wears in red color that won't cost much
Both viral and molecular latency is one HIV biggest tricks it uses to evade immune response.

Until now science has been unable to target these 'reservoir' of geneticly dormant cells as its hard to target infectrf cells that aren't active. HIV is practicaly hard as it contains genetic immunosuppressive genes that turn off gene expression responsibile for alerting our immune system to cell is infection status.

This is a remarkable descovery but as ever caution is needed. Your bodily functions are relient on chemistry. if you introduce other factors such as drugs or infections this compromise your integrity of your body's delicate chemistry. Your body is relient on chemical reactions that have evolved in specific environments, the moment those change they cease to function properly. It takes time to perfect drugs that not only work but also function safely too.

But if we take away HIV ability to hide and are able to take away its ability to also hide which cells it's infected. It's pretty much game over for HIV and lot of other retro viruses too.

Cancer drug offers tantalising hope for HIV cure Patient given nivolumab, a new generation cancer drug, shown to have a reduced reservoir of dormant HIV cells and a boosted immune