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Read what my friend Cheryl says about her son and their journey with his diabetes!

"It was August 2003, my son was 2.5 yrs old. We had just got home from a family weekend at Cultas Lake.

We were unpacking and repacking for Larissas next away horse show. We were supposed to leave the next morning early...

With all that was going on I have to admit I was kind of happy my son was napping extra long that day.

I went to check in here and there and he was asking for juice. Id give him some juice and he would doze off again. Seemed to have a slight fever. Figured he was tuckered from the weekend at the waterpark and on the lake etc etc.

I let a bit more time go by, and then thought I would wake him up to eat at least...

At that point he was breathing funny and I knew something wasn't right...but, still felt not serious. Perhaps congested or coming down with a bad cold?

We decided to go to the hospital anyway, because the next day would have us in Pritchard for a 3 day event and away from a hospital?

By the time we got to the hospital, and at triage, I looked into my sons eyes and it was like he couldn't see me. Just a cold blank stare and he went unresponsive. You can imagine...

I started screaming.

Within, 20 mins we were in an ambulance being rushed to Children's Hospital from Langley.

They told me my son was Type 1 Diabetic and was in a diabetic coma.

We spent two weeks in ICU and I never left him. NOT ONE TIME. They asked me too, even told me I had too during the "Doctors rounds" as they would go around and discuss all the patients, so for privacy reasons. I had a CASE of HEADSETS brought in so parents who wished to stay wouldn't be asked to leave again. modern chic items to wear to a evening party

My son is a DIABADASS!!

Anyone who knows us, knows I devoted my life to managing his diabetes and ensured it never slowed him down. In fact he has always excelled. Good nutrition was critical.

I made his food from scratch, went as far as to add cornstarch to his milk etc etc to slow/control the glycemic index of his food. I did my research in depth. Years of it. After all, we are talking about my son. He is EVERYTHING to me.

Over the years between 2.5 - 15yrs old, his insulin requirements increased to 100 units of insulin/day. Low by standards of someone his age, with his workout/carb load etc.

THEN, enter these products that changed everything.

My son now takes less than 24 units of insulin per day.
He is more consistent and his recovery times greatly improved.
He now burns fat not muscle.
He has natural, clean energy.
He is not struggling to balance his blood sugar.

The benefits have been endless.

He is now playing JR A Hockey in Ontario and killing it!

I do what I do because I was able to turn my sons diabetes into a positive platform for helping him & so many other people get healthy by addressing the root cause of what ails them. Gut health is everything. Our Health is our only wealth."
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