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off the rack wears for bridesmaid ... And about you angela. I never friend Ed you because your trifling and nothing to do but to meddle in someone else's life. . And I don't do messenger. Told everyone that. Just tag me. I DON'T HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. I PUT MY OWN SHIT OUT THERE. I'M NOT A LIAR AND IM GROWN FUCKING MAN. I ILY ANSWER TO GOD AND MY PARENTS. . But I did this morning to listen to all your threats. your cussing,and lawyer shit... I would copy and post it on here., But u erased them. Well, you sound like your sister with a little Phil mixed In. I ALWAYS LIKED HIM, BECAUSE I KNEW WHERE HE STOOD. HONEST.. And when did you start talking like a black PERSON.??? ? SO CAN YOU JUST stay on your back porch, eat your pains, crazy pills, and smoke weed, AND STAY THE FUCK OFF MY PAGE AND OUT OF MY LIFE ..youre not a friend of mine. Ive learned a lot about your family the last year. How much is true and how much bent. Is who the fuck knows. Your sister isn't the most honest person. So I'm lose friends. Well. I DIDN'T SEE NOT A FUCKING ONE OF YOU OR HELP WHEN, I BROKE BOTH HIPS, GOT SHOT, TOTALLED 5 DIFFERENT CARS, NOT ONE, BUT 2 HOUSE FIRES IN A ONE YEAR PERIOD, OR WHEN YOUR SISTER MADE US HOMELESS 4 MONGHS AGO. not even a SHOWER OFFERED. But you take her weed.. HUMMM.. WHY DON'T TAKE CARE YOUR BUSINESS,YOU UNHAPPY MARRIAGE AND YOU SONS LEGAL AFFAIRS. AND STAY OUT IF MINE .. APPARENTLY NO ONE FAMILY SLEEPS DURING THE NIGHT.. off the rack wears for bridesmaid

Angela Davis Francis