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prom dresses for big bust

JUST GOT MY OVERSIZED LOAD OF MY WISH, just out of spite for all those loose lips sinking ships damn fate & farewell to those cheeky panties for getting in a wad making those britches too big... if the elastic hadn't been replaced so many time from pulling them up... Slapped & gagged with a g string covered with shit ain't swanky it's skanky & if it doesn't match the double shoulder sling too but is all over that booty loose enough to put on display it needs to tighten that belt squatting or toptucking is also optional but not to drown out the giggles by taking the fun out of it got carried away by being obnoxious or vulgar to say ast but not least with K.I.S.S bad for a lesson if it sealed the fate not debut or debt... dennying is divinity that won't set because of damn if it wasn't as naughty as it seeks & stinks because its damp out not necessarily mean it is overcast day or pleural to cruel ploy but scientifically valid sort of off topic salt optional not request or insult to injury on recipe card... but it is used to kill sugs, snails & prevent frost but don't recall it knocking beforehand & being the first time since it strayed far more true thang that it does naturally & just enough coincidence to not be conwinky but last dance of the ball busting cunt splash snotty or smutty scene on the head straight to late maiden voyage of unsinkable furry of a curly queen drama dream teater totted perplexing climax of slip cadet SALUTATIONS AND P.S. slipknot of sos won't same you from choking to the choir & demonstration of ability of havoc reaping the benefits of rocking the boat, stealth mode clue vault click you can't fuck wit.... TKO prom dresses for big bust