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prom party dresses for senior students

Saturday, December 16th, 2017 @ 2 pm in the house of the lord @ Olivet Baptist Church, San Francisco, Ca my handsome friend Morgan waited patiently for his Bride Natisha DyMon to arrive. Unbeknownst to him Dymon(Like any bride who wants her special day to be perfect)had some unforseen things to take place all throughout the week. As soon as Natisha arrived(4 pm)it was show time and the wedding party was signaled to march in. The dresses and tux were beautifully fitting for everyone. The color scheme was on point (Red, Black and White). The cutest things in the wedding was when the Jr. Groomsman walked down so far got down on one knee as he awaited (with his hand extended)for the Jr. Bridesmaid Zee, so they could continue their walk together. And from the very front the Flower Girl was not feeling her duties to walk down the aisle and throw flowers down for the sake of the Bride. It didn't matter what had happened throughtout the week to Natisha, because as beautiful as you can see my friend/family Natisha was, nothing was gonna stop their special day. She looked like a Gorgeous Porcelain Doll. To see the love in each others eyes was very magical. prom party dresses for senior students