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I'm the last person to ever blame the victim for anything. May God strike me dead the moment I ever do such a thing.

That said, I am going to suggest that we need to take some care that we not weaponize offensive sexual behavior, whether considered criminal or the lesser evil of being "merely" boorish.

I am afraid that we could create a sort of McCarthyism.

Joe Scarborough made the valid point that there is a difference between philandering and predation. The women on his show this morning, including Mika, spoke honestly about how a woman of integrity can be just as harmed by those women who do use sex to get ahead, as well as the predatory men who expect it and force it. Although I believe women suffer enormous sexual harrassment (and I can say that from personal experience as well), I have seen on a few occasions women who exploited their sex. However, this is hugely a problem of patriarchy and power.

Joe also said something that is absolutely true: essentially that it is NEVER appropriate for a man in a position of power to have a relationship with a woman not in a position of power.

Sometimes for other reasons, it is not acceptable for equal parties to have a relationship. I can give you an example: I worked in several law firms where it was policy that when attorneys, even those who had parity within the firm, entered into relationships, one would have to leave the firm. Relationships with other staff, paralegals and secretaries, were also forbidden. I know some hijinx occurred but it was dangerous for both parties, most especially the attorney. In one case that I know of, there was genuine love and commitment and when they moved in together (and they later married), the paralegal took a job elsewhere (which was actually a good professional move for her). Eventually she became an attorney and they started their own firm. I asked them if they had a policy on dating etc for their own employees and they said yes: the same as the firm they both eventually left. They also recognized there could be a day when their marriage was an issue but at the time they were a partnership of only two and that day was not imminent. sexy style mother of the bride or groom outfits

It should go without saying that it is NEVER ethical for an attorney to have a relationship with a client. Some ethicists say this is true long after the attorney-client relationship has ended but I would not agree. I think if ethical procedures have been followed that it could be possible. It's the same for physicians: it is NEVER ethical for a doctor to have a relationship with a patient. Again, some ethicists argue this remains the case forever. I'd have to look at each case to judge that but I absolutely agree that if there is a physician-patient relationship, it is never acceptable.

Which brings me to this point: One of the industries where this issue has not yet exploded is in healthcare. That day is coming.