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The whole wedding ceremony made the couple tired. Nero felt more restless after working for 24hrs the previous day and today. "I'm really happy to accept you as my daughter" Nero's mom said hugging Elle tightly. "I love you maa" Elle replied swallowing her nervousness.

It was time for them to leave the hall. Elle felt like everything happened too fast. Before she could capture the nice moments it all came to an end.

"Lake" Elle searched for her once before they all left the marriage hall completely. Lake was the one and only friend she had in her life. Elle considered Lake as her own sister and not even as the sister of her love.

"I'm always with you" Lake said holding Elle by her shoulder. "God always took the best from me, Lake" Elle spoke admist her tears. "To give you the best" Lake replied kissing Elle on her cheek.

"No need for driver. I will drive the car" Nero said shocking everyone.
"This is also a tradition Nero. You can't drive" his mom spoke, Who were they fooling. Nero was stubborn enough to achieve the driving seat and Elle sat beside him. Nero removed his garland and placed it in the behind seat. Elle silently observed him as he instructed his mom and sister about something serious.

"I'm glad seeing the bride not crying" he said looking at Elle. "I didn't have a place to call home till yesterday only from today I'm going to have that place. So I would like to start this journey with a smile and not with tears" for once Nero felt like he married a strong lady. She was emotionally strong. He thought while starting the car for their new journey.

"27years ago I never knew who you were now starting a new life with you" Nero spoke in a casual way stopping him Elle said "Even I need time. We need not to start anything soon" Nero felt like Elle was really understanding but he failed to understand that she was also really not comfortable with him.

The journey went in complete silence. Elle rested her head back. She looked at the glowing stars and shut her eyes in pleasure. Nero had a smile on his lips looking at her sleep but that smile on his lips didn't last for a long time. They reached his place and Nero struggled a little to wake Elle up with his voice. It was his bad that he didn't even know her name, but to his rescue his mom came and woke up the sleeping beautiful Elle.

After a long time Nero saw the house with love. He admired the entrance of the house. It was once built by him for the love of his life. Stepping inside the house he felt all her words being repeated. "I wonder are you a doctor or interior designer.'s so beautiful" he saw her image in front of him who was once admiring the house he built for her.

"This will be your new home from today, Elle." her mother in law said welcoming her inside the beautiful peaceful home with a smile on her lips.

After some common ceremony in the house, Nero's mom and his one and only sister took leave from the newly married couple. It was his mom's decision to give them some private time until few months or so. As soon as his mom and his sister left the whole house was filled with complete silence.

Elle just stood still admiring the interior in the living room. When Nero entered inside the living room after dropping his mom and sister till the main gate he noticed the change in the name plate infront of his house NERO-ELLE that two names together made him stare in disgust.

He placed his hands on the name plate and held tears in his eyes as lots of memory flashed. Meanwhile Elle too arrived in search of him. Looking at her he raised his hand to his head and softly massaged his head. "Not coming inside." Elle asked him cluelessly. Nero just signed her to go in and followed her quietly.

Today, Nero felt as if he can never forgive himself for marrying Elle with no interest but what he could do when his mom pushed him into this with an emotional blackmail. Finally, he saw Elle in her night dress and entering his room, actually it's their room.

"Listen to me" Nero said holding her hand. "I know you are not okay with us sharing the room. So do I" Elle replied Nero brushing his hand. "Whatever I have done today. I completely regret over it"

"Same here. Mutual feelings" Elle yelled. Why in the world God only damages her life. Looks like he never wanted to let her in peace. She felt fragile when Nero kept on speaking.

"We have no idea on what we have done to us" she said as her voice broke. For once Nero didn't have any words to reply her. "I hope you had the guts to say no to this marriage" her angry eyes met his when she spoke those words. "I had" he replied and walked inside the washroom to freshen up.

Nero literally had no strength to speak to Elle. He wasn't even interested to know her name or what profession she was into. In short he wasn't interested in Her and was sure enough he wasn't going to get any interest in her too.

Inside the washroom Nero just took a deep breath in front of the mirror. So much changes in his life. He didn't like a stranger stepping inside his beautiful house which was once built for the love of his life.

She felt annoyed each time he looked at her and said something. "Does he seriously think I'm too comfortable to be with him" Elle questioned herself and drank some water from the jug near the bed. Her brain was literally confused. The moment Nero came out from the washroom Elle stood up from the cot.

"I'm sorry if you think I spoke something wrong" Elle spoke in an awkward tone "It's okay! but please try to hear what I'm telling first" Nero replied which made Elle little frightened.

Elle was about to utter a word but Nero just stopped her showing his hand near her face."If you could allow me, shall I speak to you now" he said as Elle just nodded her head in a yes.

"I know we need a long time to be normal with each other." Nero said dragging his sentence. Elle felt annoyed with his lengthy talk. She felt as if examining a paragraph question in an exam. "Just tell me the content" she spoke in an annoyed tone. He felt as if she was literally messing up with him. Nero really felt furious hearing her words. "Just shut your mouth. Not One word or you are going to regret for that". He said and Elle was clueless over his constant changing moods. "What more will you do? A slap" she replied him with a sarcastic laugh. "That will be seen in tomorrow's headlines" he spoke with a dangerous stare and walked towards her.

His closure with her made her shut down her weird talks. "The other room isn't provided with a cot. If that's okay you can move there. If not I don't mind sharing this room with you" he spoke to her with a tired voice. Only Nero knew how exhausted he was and taking a leave tomorrow would be like a sin for him.

"I can't sleep on floor and --
I too don't mind" Elle said adjusting the pillow for which Nero absolutely gave no reaction.

"To make myself feel like this my house too I would like to take care of some expenses of this house. So the requirements in the other room, I will bare it" Elle said as she just felt like a stranger in that place not even as guest. She clearly hated this marriage and wasn't regretting to hate him too. "I'm not that poor to depend on you. I just had other plans but before I could execute it my life took turns" Nero spoke in a polished way and ended their conversation.

He grabbed his sleep as soon as lying on the bed. Elle switched off the lights and stared at the white roof. Elle wished for one brick from the roof to fall on her and just separate her breath from her body. She turned back and saw Nero's face, He slept covering his face completely under the blanket. Elle felt as if hugging someone and crying but she stopped with just moist in her eyes. Even though Elle wasn't strong she just made herself extremely strong in the past few years.

She walked out of the room and went to the living room. Silently switching on the dim light she sat with her laptop. She tried to divert her mind. "Noo noo don't open that file" Elle's mind kept on saying but control left and she opened the file with name ASHTON. Elle's eyes turned red as soon as she saw the poem which she wrote for him.

Elle didn't like to write poems but the day she met him she became a poet and the day he left her she excelled in that profession.

Don't say that you're in the dark,
You are that foetus in my sanctum.
Just give a small place in your heart,
I will live with your soul.

Please don't leave me for any reason,
I'm afraid of losing you,
You're my sunshine in my dark days.
You're my only happines.

If you leave me alone
Eventhough the sun shines bright,
I'm surrounded with deep darkness.
I don't want to lose you.

If you leave me and go
Even though I have lots of people with me,
I would feel lonely
I don't want you to leave me.

You left me today!
My fear came true,
I really lost you,
I miss you.

I can feel my heart beating for you
A second turns century in your absence.
I can't live as your memories hurt me,
I can't die as that will hurt you.

In the end, I decided to build a statue for us
In my heart it will remain forever
Is it possible for me to forget you?
I will love you forever.

Reading that poem in midnight at 2am Elle felt broken. Ashton was the only person who completely understood her. Elle tried hard not to cry but tears slipped down from her eyes. "If today was our 1st day after getting married, you would have made an ice cream right?" Elle questioned Ashton by looking at his picture in her laptop.

"I thought it would be difficult to forget you but today I realized it's impossible. We had lots of dream about our marriage but weren't able to make that a reality" Elle spoke adoring Ashton's pictures.

"I never said to you that no one can take your place in my heart but looks like I'm proving it Ashton" she said gazing his picture for one last time before her laptop and her body's energy got low.

Elle closed her laptop and entered inside the room where Nero was sleeping peacefully. Nero didn't turn this side or that side, just the way he lied on the bed, he was sleeping. Elle stared at him for few seconds. "Married a wrong person" she said to herself with pain in her heart. She wondered what would have happened if she didn't marry him. May be she would have ended up being a saint. "I know you regret this marriage. So do I. I hate to sleep with you" she said falling behind her back and resting her hear on the pillow. "I can't believe I'm sharing my bed with someone else and that too with someone Who I just met today" Nero spoke, he heard her soft voice in the silent room. short mother of the bride dresses

"I need to catch some sleep" Elle replied to him pulling the duvet on her body. Nero could feel some pain and disgust in her voice. Literally even he felt the same way. Nero still didn't know why but he felt broken when Elle reminded him of someone else. Nero had a smile on his lips as he realised his mom found someone who can really fight with him. He heard Elle's soft breathe, he understood she was fast asleep. Not really fast compared to him but still-- she was!

The next moment when Nero closed his eyes he thought about the girl sleeping with him. "What was she doing In the living room for more than an hour probably" was a question to himself and Nero reached the peeks of dreams in his sleep.

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