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silver and grey mother of the bride wears

I am having a bad day..Hell is probably a lot better right now. Spent the day at the DR's and then to find out my name was not added to the hotel list for the Tampa trip. Ughhhh...smh. I was told to book my own room at an approved Company hotel..blah blah blah...Because the hotel is around Busch Gardens, EVERYTHING, is sold out/booked. I guess I stay alone for the week silver and grey mother of the bride wears :-( That is ok--I hardly talk to anyone when I am at the long as there is a work out room, I am fine.

What makes ye smile?? Post a picture. What makes me smile?? Anything that makes ye smile <3

This picture makes me smile. Here is Aero at his MC STAR photo shoot Feb2014--Aero was 6months old :-)