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Why am I blending veg and not eating regular food?

I am getting alot of messages from people trying to help, people saying I shouldn't be taking fruit, people saying I should be juicing instead of blending, people saying its dangerous to come off them, people saying to take this and that, people saying i should sign up to courses or take some supplements.

I want people to learn from what I am doing, so it helps them later on.

4 years ago, I had myocarditis, my heart was failing and it caused my lungs/stomach to fill with water, a year later my heart was strong enough again after fighting for a year and i was told to stop the diuretics. But the water came back and i needed my lungs draining again. Then they found i had very bad liver damage possibly from liver congestion caused by heart problems.

The diuretics cause very bad side effects, especially with hormones, they strain the liver, the dehydration it often causes is also very bad for the liver and the whole body, but in this world of medicines, we end up having to take other medicines to counteract each other, i took testosterone to counter the hormones, i took anti-acids to counter the acid reflux caused by the meds, then started getting gout from the meds, so i took tablets for that, then my immune system crashed often because of the dehydration, so i took antibiotics for that often. The whole time its going to slow down or stop recovery of my liver.

I have researched 4 years, tried, tested, everything. I've had stem cell treatment, acupuncture, a zillion different supplements, been to 11 different hospitals, seeing the best liver doctor in Thailand, tried weaning off the medicines, tried cold turkey but my lungs ended up full again, I had them drained around 4 times.

The doctor says I can stop my meds now but when i do, or try to reduce, i get rebound which is something the doctors don't seem to learn, but alot of patients complain about it over various forums. I have 2 surgeon friends and 1 doctor friend that i talk to regularly. I've almost become an expert in this area, when i google anything to do with diuretics, cirrhosis and other related stuff, it says i have already read the article. I have tried weaning off the meds many times, but maybe i am not patient enough and i go to fast, maybe i have too much sodium by accident.

I have tried blending veg before and stopping my meds but once i get rebounded fluids it spirals out of control, but i wasn't weaning off slow enough, i was trying to push through it, this time i bomb some diuretics if i feel pressure in my stomach, I have learnt alot about sodium, when you eat alot, you will feel ok the next day and think its ok now, then you eat normal food again, but the sodium builds up and then hits me. Then i end up having to take twice the amount of meds for 3-5 days.

Also when you stop/slow diuretics, the kidneys try to grab and save any sodium it can get, so its important to get the blood tested when you are coming off them, but I have almost zero intake of sodium with my current diet, so i wont get that problem. It takes 3-5 days for my body to reduce its load of sodium. (i know this from experience) I am not on the 5th day, so i will be low on sodium, but the aldactone i am taking is long lasting, its half life means it will take 3-5 weeks for it to be gone from my system, the lasix will go fast. I am weaning myself off them but weighing myself all day.

But the important thing is that i keep juicing to give my kidneys time to relax, adjust and stop panicking, then i will be able to bypass the rebound. I can do this for sure if i am sensible and don't start eating straight away, yes i can eat food with no sodium in it, but i am not mentally strong that way, i will start feeling safe and eating things that aren't so good. So its better that i stick to juice.

I don't care about losing weight, or muscle or about going to seminars about juicing, I eat pretty good anyway. I am doing this for one reason only, to get off those nasty medicines, diuretics flush all the good stuff out also including calcium, magnesium etc, and the stomach acid tablets can stop you absorbing vitamins, all of this effects your body repairing itself and causes other long term meds, its a one way street, my kidneys were borderline on tests due to the meds. The other benefit is that i am bombarding my body with nutrients at the same time as I am coming off.

As i come off the meds, my hormones will be back to normal soon after 4 years of shitty hormones, my skin will get hydrated, I can finally put muscle on again and my liver will get a chance to repair. Also i will be the happiest man alive once i can eat anything i want to, my diet has been so limited.

I just need to stay in my house away from nice food, stay strong, listen to my body and react. And most importantly, stay on the blended veg as long as i possibly can, it will give my body a chance to repair and prepare for any sodium intake i have.

When you are on a low sodium diet like me, anything salty is highly addictive, just one bit of pork scratching or pizza can send me into a feeding frenzy, I am not mentally strong like people think, but i have worked out a workaround to my weaknesses. One example of this is my dad put 5 chocolate bars in the fridge, they were low of sodium but i need to stick to my plan, I told my dad that I will end up eating them, he offered to take them away but i said let me deal with it, i lasted 3 days until i gobbled the whole lot in one day. I've asked my wife to not leave any snacks or things lying around or i might eat them, there is some pork scratchings in the fridge teasing me, but i am not going to eat a little or i will eat the whole lot! sleeved wears for prom party

Staying in the house and focusing on work is important right now. I will keep up my boring updates to hold myself accountable.