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tea and calf length wears for a formal occasion

Last night my parti Standard, Plato had to be hospitalized with a sudden onset of what has now been diagnosed as immune-mediated thrombocytopenia, called IMT by some doctors and ITP by some. It's an auto-immune disorder which tends to strike dogs in middle age and causes a low platelet count, anemia, and bleeding. Last night he started bleeding from his gums and had bloody stools and urine. He's now in the hospital getting IV fluids and some form of cortisone. His platelet co ... unt has stabilized, and they say most dogs don't begin to improve for 3 to 5 days. If he's still stable tomorrow he can come home then unless they decide to give him a blood transfusion. I will need to keep him on a regimen of cortisone pills, and over time, 60 percent of dogs with this disorder recover and can be weaned off meds. But for a while I will need to restrict his activity and be prepared to rush him back to the hospital if he develops bleeding again. I'm still trying to process all this. Plato is Mr. Energy 24/7. Have any of you had Standard Poodles with this disorder? It's apparently not unusual in smaller poodles, but Standards aren't on the list of breeds with a high risk for this. How do I restrict the activity of an 8-year old Standard who thinks he's still a puppy? Any thoughts on gentle games that don't involve chasing balls or romping in dog parks would be much appreciated. tea and calf length wears for a formal occasion

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