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vintage Victoria style garments for prom

Went to an incredible Christmas party with my love last night. Amazing experience with a huge familiy and friend's. Happiness is contagious!
Up alcohol and light on food of the season so I can be up and super active at work today with the happy kids. After the Naam Yoga and Harmonyim Healing with them through the weekend I knew they would have lots of energy today! vintage Victoria style garments for prom
Shakti Naam Yoga, running, bike rides, climbing and about a hundred handstands keep us happy.
Play , trees, grass, fresh air, sweaty cardio keeps the immune strong and stagnation out of the body
And Play is transformation causing manifestation to be effortless.
Kids are our gift and future!
Play with yours
Find one,,olay and find your True Self bubbling up to the surface to greet you.
Your health in all areas will improve, the child will benefit from your bonding presence
Win, win, win for all!

I love you
Make your Holidays Love
And Active!!