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I wanted to stay anonymous. Me and my husband have been married 15 yrs, together 18. We have a beautiful family with 3 kids. I've been wondering if I should stay in the marriage. We both love one another theres no doubt there but past infidelity has left me with major trust issues. Infidelity occurred on both sides. I've been completely committed the last few yrs and my husband says he has.We both married pretty young 21-him and 23 me. We've both grown and matured alot together. The infidelity wasn't continously but occurred more than once 3 that I know of. And 2x for me. The last time he pleaded and begged us to stay together and work on our marriage. We went to counseling and everything. He says he's tired and done with cheating. He realized there was nothing out there he wanted and his family was all he needed. My problem is I havent regained trust in him. I dont feel like he does enough to prove I'm his top priority and our marriage means everything to him. I've asked to have at least one night a week of date wedding dresses in peach color
night/day doing anything it doesn't have to be expensive. He'll start but he's never consistent. I dont know the last time he bought me a gift/flowers and our sex life has decreased drastically. He says his sex drive has just decreased. Our finances are a strain right now but I try to assure him I'm not looking for a price on anything, it's the thought. Sometimes I feel like he's still cheating but I don't know if I'm just thinking this way because of the past. He doesn't hang out with the guys, he's usually at work or home. He owns his own business so I can go there anytime and "check-up" although I dont. I'm wondering if I'm just overreacting and being unappreciative of the things he does do. He's great with the kids, very active dad, helps out with things in the home-cook, clean etc. He says to him this is his way of showing his love. Idk. I need romance and loving. Don't get me wrong I've asked what his needs are and he says he's good.