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wedding selections in purple

Indeed, there are the most wonderful women who deserve to be laid to bed of diamonds.

But there is also another category of women. These are the most insolent of the lot and some happen to look like a "hambuldista" (translating "hambuldista" to English would not give the exact flavour of the essence conveyed here). They demand their husbands to lay them on bed of diamonds. But what do they have to offer in return: their insolent behaviour and their flesh! What else? They won't even hesitate to to threaten their husband that they will leave them for the guy who will offer them rooms or houses made of diamonds!

Now, the question arises, why the hell should a guy waste his money on an insolent "hambuldista" looking woman when he can afford to hire high class celebrity escorts? After all, by the end of the day the insolent "hambuldista" looking woman will offer her flesh. So, why even bother with these category of women. These women can be heard denouncing paid sex. But their attitude and activities simply go on to show that sex is not unpaid. So, when sex is not unpaid, then why even bother with these insolent "hambuldista" looking women when a guy with droolworthy amounts of money can afford celebrity escorts? The escorts are much well behaved and are physically attractive. At least within the period of the duration of the service they won't mention the name of any other guy! wedding selections in purple